Understanding Heel Pain And Treatments

In cases where the pain persists, or is severe, Plantar Fasciitis can be treated with a cortisone-steroid injection into the heel. However, this is only a short term fix and the pain will return within 3 months. A newer treatment for Plantar Fasciitis (instituted prior to surgery) is electrocorporeal shock wave therapy. In this procedure, an instrument administers pulses of energy (shock waves) to your heel to relieve pain. With less tension on the plantar fascia, the damage to ligament can be reversed. The tissue is allowed to heal faster and repair the micro-tearing, which has occurred at the heel bone attachment. During an endoscopic plantar fasciotomy procedure, two incisions are made around the heel and a miniature camera is inserted inside the heel. Depending on the observations, the doctor may decide to cut or detach, full or partially, the ligament joining the plantar fascia to the heel bone. This relieves the pressure on the plantar fascia. During the surgery, the doctor may also decide to cut and remove the heel spur. This takes care of the problem faced by the patient and it also minimizes the chances of it reoccurring in the future.heel spur treatments Researchers have come up with a new approach of using pulses of high-pressure sound waves, for stimulating the healing process of the body. These pulses can pass through the skin and when they are focused on the affected area, can stimulate the growth of the new blood vessels in the affected area. This, in turn, leads to supply of more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in the affected area. This type of heel spur treatment also helps in generation of new body cell, faster healing and reduction in pain. One of the easiest and most cost effective ongoing treatments for my foot pain came when I discovered essential oils. Instead of buying ordinary insoles like those found in the shoe department of discount stores, help stop the pain with insoles made from memory foam. These types of inserts can help stop the pain of heel spurs since they take a lot of the pressure off of the heels. Memory foam insoles that will help stop the pain of heel spurs can be found online and in drugstores that sell foot care products. For detailed plantar fasciitis exercises please visit -fasciitis-exercises-and-treatments and for practical tips and a free ecourse on the best plantar fasciitis reliefs, click onheel spur relief Surgery as a means of cure should be the very last resort for the treatment of heel pain and should only be considered when all other conservative treatment has failed. In the surgical intervention the Plantar Fascia is partially released from the bone and any spur removed if found to be present. The pressure on the small nerves that traverse under the Plantar Fascia is released after proper identification of the cause. There are other common treatments for heel spurs including losing weight, utilizing a heel cradle, and staying off your feet for extended periods of time. Surgery is uncommonly necessary and should only be undertaken as a last resort.